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Maria Emrik

Well... HELLO! ME here with some boring facts first: I was born in miniput country Denmark, in the wonderful capital Copenhagen in 1975, on one of the hottest days of the century!

So... You probably know by now that I sing JAZZ and write lyrics and songs as well.  I have released 13 JAZZ albums so far and if you like you can go to my artist website and read more.

Making music is one of my life purposes, and it is a healing and almost spiritual process for me. It gives me a deep feeling of meaning.

Now, for many years I have been hesitant about talking about myself on a personal level. Mostly because I really want my music to speak for itself without having to spice it up with stories about me. I sing because I love it, end of story! No explanation needed.

However... I do not sing and make music 24/7:)

I am very creative and make dreamcatchers, jewelry and macrame.

I draw and paint as much as my time allows and you can buy my artwork as posters in the shop. Here you can also find my t-shirt designs.

I hope you will enjoy!


With much love Maria 



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