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Amazing Life Agency was founded by Maria Emrik, a Danish JAZZ singer and songwriter, creative artist,

life coach and spiritual nature lover - passionate about creating something wonderful from nothing at all and seeing beauty in everyday life. The key words here are FUN, joy, laughter, LOVE and - of course - MUSIC.

Take a look at the different pages, read more about my music, shop one of my cool tees or shift through my art posters. You can also watch my "Maria Emrik Q&A's" and AMAZING LIFE videos here or on YouTube.

Who's that girl?

Never heard of me?

Well for one Denmark is a tiny country that you can barely see on a world map :)

Also, I am much more interested in creating new music, new art, new "a-lot-of-things" than focusing on me...

So this is why I put everything I do together on this website so you can get the whole picture and get to know me


Drawing and painting have always been a big part of my creative life. I love creating something out of nothing.

A blank canvas or piece of paper can turn into the most wonderful creatures or expressions.

I am not sure where the inspiration comes from... But sometimes I only draw simple black and white drawings, and sometimes very colorful imaginary friends.

They are all expressions of ME and I feel like they try to tell my mood in the given moment.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


For me creativity is about EXPRESSION.

And one way to express myself is through art, music and statements!

I believe in peace, love and JAZZ

All my tees are positive, uplifting and pure LOVE.

Go explore the WOMENS collection on the link below

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I also create tees for the masculine part of humanity... For the ones that dare to share the love for JAZZ, me and my music.

I know so many of you are out there -

now you can show the world your passion in cool tees with cool statements

Go explore the MENS collection on the link below

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